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extruder temperature sensor

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:33 am
by cx32
It appears that the sensor of the extruder does not work.

Opening Repetier and connecting to the printer, it shows without turning on the heater of the extruder or the bed, their tempature is 2.4c & for the bed 20.6c. 2.4c is near freezing so I do not believe that reading. The printer will zero or home all 3 axis and the fans will turn on/off. NOTHING else happens, any of the axis will NOT move. Once turning on the extruder, it does not heat or even feel warm.

Did notice when I wrapped my finger around the extruder end, it does show some temperature increase. Once the it raises the temp a bit, then the extruder DOES heat when turned on.

Once the extruder has heated a bit, disconnected the printer, pulled its power, then power and connect, it does then work.

Now it seems there is an error condition somewhere that STOP the printer from working. Have the error debug light on. In the preferences the log session box is on. The log ONLY shows anything IF the printer actually starts printing.

Had a previous stop condition when the set screw for the lead screw was loose, noticed when the printer zeroed the lead screw would move just a small amount by hand. Tightened it and the printer worked.

Before when the printer zeros the axis AND it does nothing else. Where can I find the actual error condition that causes it to stop?

Re: extruder temperature sensor

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:01 pm
by emdash
Have you turned on the logging window?

Start by turning thta on. Then turn off all the extraneous information except for Error and Warning. If the temperature sensor is faulty, at some point you will see that the thermistor and heater have "decoupled", which will cause the printer to go into Dry Run mode.

Re: extruder temperature sensor

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:57 pm
by cx32
Thinking of replacing that sensor. Extra sensor was shipped with printer, is there some docs on how to replace it or just pull that sensor out of the extruder?

Do wonder if that sensor does not register correctly on the low end, might not be good on the high end. When working, it does not appear to be overheating.

Rather than rewiring the whole sensor wires to the control box, wires of the old sensor will be cut so a plug can be installed. Thinking of running the extruder heater thru that plug also so the entire extruder unit can be seperated for cleaning.