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URGENT - Repetier Host hanging all the time

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:30 pm
by agentmulder

Usually I wouldn't say 'urgent' - it's used too often (!).. but thing is, first time I really need to USE my printer for a project where I am 'the 3D printer guy' and I cant use the thing...

I'm slicing a part using SFACT, Repetier Host stalls about 20mins in, I think maybe my mac decided to sleep, not sure if RH crashed because it slept, or it slept because RH crashed.

Anyway, now RH will hang every time I open it.

Very similar symptoms as disccused here:

Copy and paste:
I can rotate and zoom the print volume graphic (though the rotate only takes effect after doing some sort of zoom).
Clicking on Temperature Curve replaces the 3D view with a blank gray rectangle.

Clicking on Load G-Code opens a search window, so that seems okay.

Clicking on Preferences opens up a preferences window showing 3D parameters , visualization quality and such, which responds when I click on things, however selecting configuration panels (host, slicer, 3D visualizations, color) is unresponsive.

In the main window clicking on Object Placement, Slicer, G-Code or Print Panel are unresponsive.

This seems to be about all I can do, and if I select the icon in the dock, I could quit the program, however as soon as I click on Connect, the program freezes and the dock says Force Quit.

After forced quitting and restarting there's a blue rectangle overlaying the Save as STL and Slice with Slic3r buttons saying Disconnected and the 3D view is an empty gray rectangle. Load G-Code still responds, and this time I tried loading some G-Code (from my old Maker-bot) and it looks like it did load something, the 3D view came back, but was unresponsive beyond that.

And it still has the Unknown printer firm... Disconnected at the bottom.


I have removed all profiles, re-downloaded and replaced them in case it was anything to do with this: ... 5909#p5909

However the issue remains and I currently cannot print

Yes redownloaded and installed (0.56) RH, yes restarted mac, yes printer plugged in (and not)

University group project depends on me

Any help appreciated

Re: URGENT - Repetier Host hanging all the time

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:33 pm
by agentmulder
Same thing happens with a fresh download of RH 0.53...

Re: URGENT - Repetier Host hanging all the time

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:42 pm
by Legion 2.3
I don´t have a mac, so a can´t help you on this side, but a simple sollution would be to use a windows-computer. I know it won´t solve the problem on your mac, but if you need the printer that urgent, it´s maybe the fastest an simplest solution.

Re: URGENT - Repetier Host hanging all the time

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:53 am
by agentmulder
I was considering printing a PC but solution via z0rak found here: ... 5917#p5917