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its 37 in my room and the printer is melting

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:01 am
by rmerrick
frustrated.. Today Its 38 degrees in my room and I have just finished printing an ABS bowden drive plate, and the x motor mount is like rubber, drooping. I haven't been able to print that part yet.
I have had to make aluminium plates for all the important parts. The Y axis motor twisted badly, the belt bearing supports melted.
Ohh and a new Z end stop that can be adjusted easy. The Rail bolt is underneath away from the Y axis path, and the adjuster is underneath so I dont have to fight the x axis vane. it has twice the range of the previous stop meaning its not so fussy in the initial setting. Pre-tensioned.

Ohh the firmware has serious bugs. After printing once I have to hard reset to get the extruder heater to restart. The dual extruder firmware is the same. And the dual extruder works well. except the offset. grrr

The PEEk insulator melted at 260 degrees and I tried to buy it. 16 euro plus minimum 32 euro plus 36 euro freight = $100 Australian. Forget it. I made one from Phenolic and it works much better.