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Help us improve the website and forum

Post by Felix Printers »

We are in the process of updating the website and after that the forum. Therefore it would be great if you give us your suggestions for the new website or forum. Do you miss anything or saw a really cool idea elsewhere? Please share your thoughts in this topic.

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Post by Hugues »

I actually think the forum interface is pretty good, has all the basic things I need.

Assess properly before making any change if it's really worth the effort, you guys should concentrate on Felix.
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by Kjetilei »

As a user I'm quite happy with the forums as is. But there have been times when as a moderator it has been a chore to keep up with spammers/spam accounts due to the lacking admin tools.

If I could have one request fullfilled it would be to see more of a prescence from the Felix team in the forums and more regular updates on the blog/news section of the main site. I don't want Felix Printers to be a "faceless" company. I know it is a lot to ask of you to be "online" all the time since you have been swamped with work but it's easier to have a good dialogue between the community and the company if the company representatives are regularly available/answering questions and "visibly" solving issues that the users are reporting.

All the best to the team and the community :)

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Post by satoer »

I totally agree with Kjetilei. You guy's really should invest more in the support to you're users / wannabe users. There are enough post around here (and other forums) about customers trying to contact support and even after months still didn't get any response. I think a company should respond at least in between 24 - 48 hours.

Don't have much request about the forum / website. Works fine. It would be nice if the avatar option can be enabled. The postings get more personal when it has a face.
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Post by Mayhem »

I agree to previous posters, first thing you need to do is fix the customer support.
If you think your site as a new customer, media section is outdated.
In the forum you see all those people telling that customer support is really bad/take months to get answer, you will lose some customers because of that.

Presentation/showcase video of the printer, someone shows the printer ,tells how it works, give tips. That also gives your company a positive image and increase sales.
Offer cheaper shipping option for spareparts.
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Post by Sündi »

I agree!

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Post by Hugues »

Same here
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by undergroundsurf »

I agree too!

The forum is fine. You realy should put some effort into your customer support. You've managed to design an exellent printer, but it's useless without a good customer support for spare parts and so on. I've ordred the upgrade kit 3 weeks ago and didn't receive any shipping codes despit your 1-2 weeks processing time. Little things like "I'm sorry but there will be a delay because of..." would be enought to keep us happy.
As someone wrote a few postes above, make some nice movies of you introducing the felix and it's advantages.


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Post by bmclancy »

sorry im still really new and its probably right in front of me :? but could there a separate topic thread about how to help with the best settings for printed support so that it breaks off easily of small pieces. many thanks if that is possible and not a pain.

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Post by Felix Printers »

Heey, thanks for the comments! :D

This week we speak and have spoken with some potential webdesigners for a fresh look of the website. This will be a great chance to make improvements with some of the processes that aren't working as good as it should.

- On the new website there will be room for more video's and photo's. I like the idea to do something with photo's of solved issues (maybe integraded in FAQ)
- For the support we want to make a FAQ and work with a support ticket system, which enables us and the ones who enter a ticket to see the status of a question. Now we sometimes lose track which email is answered ans which are not (sorry for this when it has happend).
- The forum will remain kind the same, although an avatar option to make it more personal is a good idea.
- With the new site we also want to post more regular updates on the blog/news section (for now we keep it sleeping and communicate through the newsletter). Beside the blog also social media will be more important and we send a summary of what has happend in a frequent newsletter.

Please let us know if a newsletter is a good idea and which social media you're using.

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