Upgrade to automatic bed leveling?

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Upgrade to automatic bed leveling?

Post by wilco02 »

Can anybody tell me if you can upgrade a felixboard v3.0 with automatic bed leveling?

I think we only need to place an extra sensor and find a input on the board and activate it in the firmware.
Can anybody help me out with this.

(1) Is there an extra input available?
(2) Bed leveling is already in the firmware?
(3) What is the experience of the auto bed leveling.

Already thanks.


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Post by ErikL »

The OPT1 and OPT2 connectors offer extra connectivity to the cpu. So I guess these can be used to connect a, for example, inductive proximity sensor.

Basically we need to design and print a plastic part that will mount on the extruder and allow mounting the proximity sensor. Then connect it to OPT1 or OPT2 and configure the firmware for it.

Hasn't anyone done this already? It seems so easy to do and I find it hard to believe it's not been done before...

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Post by Manhattan »

Is there any support on this subject from FelixPrinters?

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Post by bill.gertz »

Hey have a look at this post for how I was able to get auto leveling up running with a Felix 3.1

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