Repeated air printing

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Repeated air printing

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ok checked fan and checked all belts connections
repetier host in use for printing pla
temp 200 bed 55 fan 100 feedrate 100 are these settings ok I cant find info on recommended settings?
using cura slicer at print sp 45outer 38 infill 71 (seeming like default settings?) was printing a felix spool holder 199 layers
was going great even good print quality with good quality filament i paid higher price for, and on about layer 20-30 it starts air printing even after completely dismantling cleaning out and rebuilding I just cant get this damn thing to work had it 3 years and I keep coming back to it, can anyone recommend settings changes? tonight was first time in 2 years Ive had it STARTING to print good!
my UP mini is way more reliable and twice as old I only bought this as it was larger print surface.
if anyones got any tips before i finally throw it in the bin and go buy a prusa?
desperate now :(
been at this 12 hrs now and really thinking its time to set this on the bbq an set it alight....

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