Y-Motor pushes through Y-OptoSensor

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Re: Y-Motor pushes through Y-OptoSensor

Post by evanr »

I took the bed off and exchanged the Y-Opto for the X-Opto.
- "new" X-Opto: still works great when homed.
- Y-Home: Y-Motor still doesn't stop when it reaches the new exchanged Y-Opto.

So far:
- wiring and opto-sensor options considered ruled out.
- I've also pushed the reset button on the Ramps.
- thought maybe an overheating issue, so tested at start up.
- replaced tape on vane with tin foil
- re-uploaded firmware to Ramps
- checked for updated VCP drivers

If this is indeed a firmware issue, how would I resolve this?

I don't know what else to do.
Any help appreciated.

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Post by hvdd »

seems the same problem that i had in the beginning.
i swapped xand y stepper plugs on board and also sensor plugs on board to isolate the problem.
still Y was not working.
swapped the little driver pcbs to find out ... still the same problem.
maile felixprinters and solution was Marlin revision E !
downloaded flashed problems solved.
on startup or reset you can see the flashed version on screen ( answer from printer to pc)
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Post by evanr »

thanks hvdd.

I updated the software with Repetier Host 7.0c and firmware with Marlin RevD.

Y-Axis is ok now.

I liked the features of Repetier 82b and Marlin RevE, but in the end its gotta work.

You can find out more about this thread in - No control after "Home" button (solved) - by wdieckmann

I haven't tested firmware Marlin RevD with software Repetier 82b

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Post by evanr »

Has anyone tested Marlin RevD with software Repetier 82b?

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Post by satoer »

I'm running RevD with the latest Repertier host V0.82. No problems.
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