opto sensor. and z calibration....

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opto sensor. and z calibration....

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hey guys.
just finished putting my felix together..... and of course problems came up

so i'm looking at my opto sensors and the lights are "not" on....obviously i might have put it together wrong? BUT when i put something through it like the tab for the x motor. it clicks and registers as home so homing for all axis works fine.....so my question is if it works for the homing...does it matter if the led light works or not??

Also my next issue is homing the Z. when i do my slight calibrations i run into the issue of the bed moving up and shifting back down.....so i'm always constantly like 3 mms off...its frustrating. its to the point where it basicall homes up just barely skimming the nozzel and then goes back down again. i don't understand why.... :cry:

does anyone know the solution?

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