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Re: not printing right

Post by evanr »

FYI, I determined the issue with the print was that the feedrate speed was too fast for the extruder to keep up with filament extrusion, now:
feedrate 50
flowrate 100
I also started using .82b instead of .85b software.

Parts are turning out amazing.
The problem in the first few months of owning my Felix1.5 was definately the Arduino board.
wow, what a learning curb it was.

... looking forward to using it!

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Post by rad »

You should be able to print the samples with 100 and 100.
If you have to reduce it to 50 then I guess something is still not quite ok.

I always check manual how well it extrudes before I start a print. Try a low speed, a medium speed, and a higher extruding speed..if it flows continues stright down out of the extruder it is ok..if not:

- try adjust the filament clamping bolt while extruding.
- if this doesnt works try with a higher extruding temperature.
and if this doesnt works..clean the extruder.

if you experience temepreature trouble it's a good idea to measure the thermistor resistance. At room temperature it should have around 100kOhm. Mine read 400kOhm at room temperature once before it became complety destroyed. I almost bought a 400k NTC's but to my luck Felix answered my email and told me that this are 100k thermistor.
Don't ask me how mine could left the temperatur-resistor curve but it did. The part I just printed then confirmed that it left it's value range. I already have 2 destroyed temperature sensors. One ended in a short cut: you read 360 deg in the repetierhost. The other like an open wire: you see 0 deg on the repetier-host

I bought the 100k standard one with the small glass bulk from an electronic store I belive thsi one: EPCOS - B57560G104F - THERMISTOR,NTC (not 100% sure anymore but I saw it posted here in the forum somewhere too)
and kitted it blank in directly with the black silicon in my old extruder. (spread the contacts a bit and made sure they do not touch the metal of the hotend). So far it seems to behave absolutly perfect.

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Post by evanr »

Hi All,

Haven't been around a while, thought I'd post how things are going.

I received a new Arduino board from Guillaume (under warrant) a few months back.
Was a little hesitant in trying it out after all the frustration.

But, it is indeed working amazingly now! :o) it was the Arduino board afterall.

I even changed the extruder head and whoa!
Aside from a little wobble (minor) on one side of the printed part.

Mine is a Felix1.5, but I am looking forward to getting and playing with the 3.0 upgrades.

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Post by hvdd »

hi all, fyi

have a felix 1.5 for one year, great printer and almost 10 spools passed.
one remark : each time there was a problem with the printer it was the thermistor of the extruder,
i changed it the last year 10 times and each time the problem was solved.
analysing this termistor setup - fixation looks ok, inside the metal cap there is a SMD small 100K NTC, both wires are soldered and then potted.
because with ABS the temp may rise up to 250° the solderings will melt and measured resistorvalue will be wrong.
i ordered part 1672406 at Farnell NJ28RA0104G cut the long solder wires at 5mm ( no SMD component) and tested it, one week ok - then same problems.
but if you keep the long wires at the component - small shrinking tube over it and solder the wires at the end, it keeps for 1 month now - daily 10h printing. will this be the solution ? - i hope so !
reusing the small metal cap , the thermistor will just fit. no potting.


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