Heaters decoupled

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Heaters decoupled

Post by Retrofire »

I've recently purchased a felix3.0 with duo extruders. It printed fine until somehow the extruders + the heating bed would not warm up. On the LED-screen it now shows DEF/"temperature I selected" for both extruders and the bed. Can someone pls help me ? I've already tried to reset the printer but it didn't work.

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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Retrofire,

I struck similar decoupling error after uploading to the 0.92 firmaware 20140910.

The decoupled error disappeared when I manually edited the 'decouple test period' in the Configuration.h file (and uploaded firmware to the printer again). The Configuration.h file can be opened and edited in Microsoft NotePad, WordPad or similar.

Values edited were:



The test period is the time in milliseconds between a requested heater action and test for temperature change. The previous test period was set for 10000 milliseconds.

If it still trips out try increasing test period value.


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Post by Justas »

I got the same issue couple days ago. Tried to change Configuration.h file - did not helped. Had the same issue. Ordered the repair as I thought that heater cartridge got broken. Replaced the cartridge and i still have the same problem. I also tried to connect both heaters (old and new) to the bed power source and it did not work while the bed wired to heater output in the board worked well so beginning to thinks it's the cartridge issue. Anyone else having the same problem?

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Post by Ondra »

I have the same problem.
Felix 3.0 single head DIY firmware 0.92
First around 20 hours printer worked fine. Now every printing stop feed filament somewhere during printing model. Motor for x, y, z axis continue but without the filament. When I use computer instead SD card sometimes show error "One heater seems decoupled from thermistor - disabling all for safety". I tried change parameter DECOUPLING TEST MAX VARIANCE to 30 but without any effect. Sometime printer stop printing independently with killed on display of printer.
I don't understand why first 20 hours printer worked and now such many problems.
Any idea what could be wrong? Please help...
Thank you Ondra

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Post by kerog »

The quick way to deal with this is to go back to the Jan/Feb 2014 firmware. There are various threads discussing this issue in the General section of the forum.

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