What can this be?

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What can this be?

Post by Raleonh »

As you can see here is the look of my prints now.

I fixed the z-axis but the problem remains...any idea?
2014-10-08 18.30.28.jpg
2014-10-07 16.07.29.jpg
2014-10-08 18.30.36.jpg
2014-10-08 18.31.13.jpg

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Post by seaton »

Check the grub screws in the pulleys on X and Y, you'll probably find one is ever so slightly loose.

When I mean check, use the allen key, not your fingers. I had a similar problem and I checked the pulleys with my fingers and all seemed AOK, but when I inserted the allen key the grub screws were loose.
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Post by cbensch »

I looked at your prior posts and see you're using Kisslicer. I wish I had experience with it to make comments on this exact issue. What I can say is that if this was sliced with Slic3r my money would go on the idea that your extrusion multiplier is set too high so your printer is pushing too much filament out making heavy, noticeable lines. My extrusion multiplier has to be changed based on not only the brand of filament I use but also the color. It starts at "100" and every .01 reduction makes a major difference as to the cleanliness of the prints. I print an ivory filament at .97 and a copper colored filament at .96 for the best quality. If either is adjust just .01 lower I actually end up with rough surfaces caused by lack of filament. But at these settings my prints are super clean. If there is a setting in Kisslicer for reducing your extrusion flow rate you can try that. If you are using Repetier Host you can also experiment with manual flowrate reduction on the Manual Control tab. It too is set at 100. DURING your print, reduce it by increments of 5 and let the printer print a few layers. See how clean it is. If it's still heavy, reduce it by another 5. You'll see a major difference in how clean the print comes out this way.

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