Printer wont connect to Repetier - reinstall driver? - how?

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Printer wont connect to Repetier - reinstall driver? - how?

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Running Windows 10 I'd like to know how to set up my printer to avoid the 'no start signal detected' message I'm currently getting. At the moment I think I need to reinstall the printer firmware, but need instructions on how to do this.

The longer version:

I have installed windows 10 to run in a virtual machine (on a fresh install of OS X El Capitan). Since then I have been unable to connect to it on either the mac or the PC Virtual Machine.

I have installed the FTDI drivers in both cases.

The Repetier Host (RH) 1.06 from the felix downloads section will crash on Windows10. Installing RH1.6 direct from their website will not crash, but I'm unsure of the printer settings.

Trying to connect to the printer on windows with RH1.6 will give: 'no start signal detected'.

The mac version from the felix website (RH 0.56) will give 'attempting to connect' then 'connection opened' then 'connection closed' in fast succession.

The LED's appear normal - a fan will stop momentarily on the machine when RH tries to connect.

I have swapped the USB cable out twice.

The mac version says 'unknown printer firmware' at the bottom. This FAQ entry suggests I need to uninstall and re-install the 'printer driver': ... inter.html

What actually is the 'printer driver' - the software, the settings, or the firmware ?

When I go to here: ... =firmware/

Which file or files are appropriate for a single extrusion Felix 2.0 ?

It's hard to tell if the version refer to the software, release candidates or the actual machine they are meant for ... And in some cases once downloaded and extracted, the version numbers are different from the info on the felix website anyway.

Very confusing.

Looking in 'old' (should I look in old??), what is the difference between 'firmware - repetier ...' and 'firmware- marlin...' ?

I'd love my printer working again, I would me methodical but there seems to be too many ill-defined variables to mess with here.

Any help appreciated.

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