Tweaking drylin sliding bearings

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Tweaking drylin sliding bearings

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Eliminate Play
Some customers reported some play in the sliding bearings. The play between the slider and the rail before it is send out, is tuned to have the printer running optimally. Sometimes however it could be tuned better or it is anyhow good to know how it should be done.

In the attached PDF is a tutorial how to tweak the sliding bearings.
Tutorial_reduce play in y-axis slide_V2.pdf
Tutorial, how to tweak sliding bearings
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Use Teflon/PTFE spray on the bearings.
Some customers reported some stick-slip vibrations of the bearings. However these bearings are advertised as self-lubricating, the supplier recommended to use Teflon/PTFE spray. This will significantly reduce friction in the bearings and should further improve print-quality. The way to do it. Spray a little on a q-tip or cloth and sparsely rub it on the rail. DO NOT spray it directly on the sliding bearings, because it will make a big mess.

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Post by bhavesh3e »

hi gfelinksdal,
Do you have any tutorial doc for 2.0 printer's rail?
As the rail used in 2.0 is different form the 1.5.
my (2.0) printer's Y axis rail is vibrating and getting uneven print when y axis moves.

if doc is not yet prepared, you can put short video of same. this will help me a lot.

thanks in advance.

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