Filament Holder (Sorry!)

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Filament Holder (Sorry!)

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Filament Holder...

Hi all, I know there are many filament holders out there and I’ve just added yet another one with this post. I wanted to create a simple yet flexible filament holder for my Felix 3.0 3D printer. Some holders are too bulky or are inflexible when it come to the roll sizes that they can take. My previous holder (before I designed this one) was quite adequate and has served me very well since I printed it off, however I’ve now got dual extrusion and needed something that could take two filament rolls easily. The expanding and contracting mechanism in my design allows for various diameters of filament to be used. The whole assembly is easily mounted on the side of the Felix Printer.

Here is the Google document on how to assemble it: ... sp=sharing

The .stl files are here:

Enjoy Pozzy

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