Extruder feeder 'clicking'

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Extruder feeder 'clicking'

Post by guyverchaz »

The extruder motor gives a clicking noise during some operations.
Is this expected function? I suspect that it's the motor slipping but I have no idea why.

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Post by satoer »

The stepper motor is probably skipping steps. Too much tension on the bearing, a clogged hot-end (or a too cold hot end which increases friction) or too less power on the stepper motor (adjust the pot-meter on the controllerboard a bit clockwise)
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Post by Dreide »

Another possibility might be a too high idler tension. To reduce the tension you have to turn the control screw (on top, beside the filament inlet) clockwise, and the harder it gets to tighten this screw the less tension you'll have at the idler pressing against the filament and the extruder wheel.
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Post by cbensch »

All true, yes. However, my advice is to leave the pot meter adjusted exactly where the manual states it should be. it's there for a reason. Clean your extruder, especially if you don't have a dust filter. You can find a miniature drill set on ebay (like this one) http://www.ebay.com/itm/21pc-Mini-Micro ... 0747115083

Use the .3mm bit after retracting the filament 10mm and while the extruder is hot. Just don't touch it, obviously. I had this same problem and investigated it to death only to find that my lack of dust filter on my filament was making my extruder motor work much too hard to push the filament along. It was also wrecking my prints. I use this filter with some air conditioning insulation (made by Duck) and it works perfectly: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:190118

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Post by guyverchaz »

Found my problem. The Z-axis was adjusted too close to the platform and the hot plastic couldn't flow out well. During raft building it just started to back up. Thanks everyone.

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