Just finished assembly, Cartridge heater failure.

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Just finished assembly, Cartridge heater failure.

Post by Tomas »

Hi guys,
I just purchased a single extruder 3.0 felix and completed assembly last night, during calibrations I discovered the cartridge heating element is broken. I have run a series of tests with a multimeter and it is recieving electricity with no resistances but simply refuses to heat when I activate that function. All wires on both ends are in place and the motherboard reads power being transmitted.

I require a replacement sent out as my local specialists cannot manufacture them smaller than 6mm nor for that voltage.


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Post by PaulWeber »

Unfortunately i have the same issue. I've just finished the assembling of the dual extruder version. One hot-end refuses to heat. I've done many tests, the voltage is given, but it doesn't heat. If i use the other hot-end on that connection, this one works fine. So it has to be a problem with the hot-end.Is there any solution to this failure, or do i need to buy a new one?
Thanks for any help

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Post by kerog »

This happened to me as well, back in June. I told the support folks and they quickly sent me a replacement heater cartridge. You shouldn't have to buy one.

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