Gluing PLA

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Gluing PLA

Post by Formatize »

Hey Guys,

I'm struggling to find a good glue to join PLA parts. I've been using super glue which works on some PLA filaments but it always creates a white residue around the join. Epoxy glues on the other hand doesn't create any residue or chemical reactions but it doesn't glue as nice as super glue.

Does anyone have any tips on what glue to use for PLA plastic?
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Post by agentmulder »

Could be wrong but i always thought that white gunk is super glue reacting with oils from your hands. Try keeping the area clean?

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Post by Formatize »

Thanks, I'll do some experimenting with one dirty join (not been cleaned after I touched it) and one clean join to see if there is any difference.
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Post by zh5879 »

Did anyone ever try Tetrahydrofuran (aka. THF, Tetramethylenoxid, Oxacyclopentan, Oxolan). It seems to be able to dissolve PLA. That would be the equivalent to using acetone for gluing ABS.

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Post by Legion 2.3 »

I wouldn´t use THF, after all I´ve heard ,this stuff should be really dangerous und unealthy, even more then acetone.

Better try two component adhesive like UHU Plus: ... 35c2041e99

It worked for me (tried it one time), but I don´t know how strong it is.

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Post by Studiojohn »

I use Plasweld liquid cement which is used for plastic model kits. Use a fine paint brush and lightly coat both parts and bring together dries in a few seconds but leave for 5-10 minutes and you can't get them apart.

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Post by WayneC »

I use Acrylic adhesive, which is probably the same as the plastic model glue that Studiojohn uses. It sets very quickly and provides excellent adhesion. It chemically "remelts" a very thin layer on the surfaces for a few seconds while you join the surfaces.

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