New nice slicer (for single end) from CraftUnique

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New nice slicer (for single end) from CraftUnique

Post by frankjoke »

When checking some Kickstarter projects I found the an interesting new slicer (in beta): Craftware

It is really easy, very fast and what I find really nice is that you can look at the result very nicely before you start to waste filament.

I especially like the 'Concentric' horizontal shell and the 'Triangle grid' infill!

p.s.: By the way, for those of you who like Kiss (I own a Pro) you may look at!forum ... fugee-camp to find some 1.5 preview (actually @ the moment, look @ first post in first topic) which improved also a lot.

Having the two above I did not touch Cura & Slic3r anymore...

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Post by Legion 2.3 »

The link and the entire homepage of craftbot seems to be down, i can´t get to their website anymore :(

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