I really wanted to like this printer, but I'm done with it

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I really wanted to like this printer, but I'm done with it

Post by Lioric »

Wish that I had gone with another brand, or some "all metal" printer

I haven't used my printer from at least a year (or two), but now that our current project needs it, well, it's the same story all over again, days of re-calibrating everything, again playing with slicers settings, praying that the hot-end is not jammed after that long time without use. But independently of my wishes that someday it will be smooth sailing with my printer, this "thing" is on downtime again, and most probably this time for good

Probably I'm just the exception, but this printer is just a big paperweight in my desk. The quality (when the thing works as intended) most of the time is nothing that can be usable in real life engineering prototypes. The thing spends more time disassembled than printing anything that resembles the object from the CAD application.

It keeps breaking every other print, if not the thermistors (like candies), then the delrin rails (really bad) needs adding kapton pieces to reduce the play (seriously? that is the solution in this printer) that obviously are needed at least each week, if not then the mosfet from the RAMPS 1.4 "clone" that was provided with the printer, if not then the stepper drivers with the heatsink "fastened" with a double sided tape. If nothing of the previous, then the big big issue, the [email protected]$ing hot-end jams and you end up breaking the thermistors, the tools, the heater cartridge, or the hot-end plastic carriers while trying to unjam it. I'm on my third or four hot-end and today the last one just jammed so good that it going right into the trash.

Of course I own a Felix 1.0 printer. Now that I return to this site after a couple of years, I see that currently it is on the 3.x version. While most of the issues probably are fixed on those updates, I'm not keen on paying almost "new printer" price for each upgrade, on things that were wrong from the start.

As I told Guillaume on the beginning (around 2011 - 2012 I think) I needed the printer for work and not as a hobby (in that case I would have went with a Reprap), but this thing is nowhere near usable for work, and probably just for those that like to "experiment" with latest trends.

And the problem now is that, hot-end is [email protected] and the hot-end bracket is broken, so no way to print another bracket and go with a E3D hot-end

If I only could sell this thing.

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Post by killejano »

Currently I have no problems with my printer at all. Sometimes I need to anjust my build plate, but I think I can fix that when I get to doing it. Mine is a 1.5 version. Modded some, but nothing that radical.

Looks like you have just had some really really bad luck and I think the delrin rails are a big issue. It works some what on the z-axis but I would seriosly not want them on x or y

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Post by pla_GodX »

This printer is excellent for printing PLA, I did not try flexible materials or ABS right now, but I am very happy.

I ordered the Felix 2.0 a year ago as a DIY Kit and ok it took some time to assemble it, ok through my profession I have training in assembling electromechanic things so I think for a not so technically interested person or not working in that field, it could be stress-free to buy an assembled model.

It does not look like a piece of beautiful furniture like the more expensive ones with a fancy housing etc., but it does its work pretty well, look at the image below.
But ask yourself If you wanna print or if you want other people to look at it?
That decision you need to make by yourself.

I upgraded a new Hot-End with the brass tip and the waffle-layer heating bed. I used SFact/SKEINFORGE pre adjusted from the doenload section as slicer and the first print got really amazing :!: :mrgreen: :geek: :roll:
Even the support material is now thin like hell.

I can recommend it totally.
red pla 1,75mm
red pla 1,75mm

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