Kapton heater insulation

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Kapton heater insulation

Post by GGY »

Hello all,

I could not reach temperatures higher than 80C to my print surface. (Felix 3.0)
With this insulation (see attached *.pdf) the temperature gets there very fast and I can easily reach ~120C.

I print generally with ABS only.
For the ABS to stick to the print-bed surface I now set the print bed temp to 100C.
I do reduce the temperature to 80C after the first 2-3 layers
My print surface covered with kapton tape.
Before each print I clean the kapton tape with acetone and smear new ABS juice to it
I hope this will help some of you.

Print bed kapton heater insulation.pdf
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Post by seaton »

nice, great and simple way of attaching to the base

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Post by JohnK1 »

Hi guys,
I have used the filling foam. I sprayed the bottom and it works fine too. I can reach around 106 degC in cold room. I will build the walls to close it and maintain more stable environment. Also, In my case I have a 4 mm glass on top of the bed (to maintain perfect flatness and temperature inertia) , so it takes a little bit longer to warm up.

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