X-Axle wire management

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X-Axle wire management

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Hello all,

I have just finished designing printing and installing a new wires management to my Felix 3.0.
See .. This post (X-Axle wire management) and additional post (wire management drag chain)

I was not happy with the squashing wires into the extruded channels and the spiral plastic binding of the wiring. I believe that over time spiral bound wires will break, especially the X and Y axis that move very much.
The wires channel at the back of the printer frame holds all the wiring. This is a standard wiring channel (30x25mm) available from electronics suppliers.
I made the print-heads (heater and sensor) pluggable for easy maintenance.
I also made the 2 filament cooling fans switchable.
The ABS sticks much better to the print surface if the filament cooling fan can easily be switched off for the of the first layers.

Please see the attached *.pdf with drawings and pictures.
The STL file is attached as well

Cheers GGY
X - bracket 02.STL
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X axle wire drag chain to Print head.pdf
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