Wire management drag chain

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Wire management drag chain

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Hello all,

I have just finished designing printing and installing a new wires management to my Felix 3.0.
See .. This post (wire management drag chain) and additional post (X-Axle wire management)

I was not happy with the squashing wires into the extruded channels and the spiral plastic binding of the wiring. I believe that over time spiral bound wires will break, especially the X and Y axis that move very much.
The wires channel at the back of the printer frame holds all the wiring. This is a standard wiring channel (30x25mm) available from electronics suppliers.

Please see the attached *.pdf with drawings and pictures.
The STL files of the individual parts are attached as well.

I hope drawings and pictures will have enough info on how to install the mod.
(should you decide to proceed with this mod of course)
You will only have to drill 3x 4mm holes into the z-axle carrier (2x front, 1x side)
Please be careful with the side hole (you may have to remove the Y-axle motor for the install)
You will need to print one of each of the attached STL's except "08a-Link 01.STL" you need 20 of them, 12 chain links for under the print bed and 8 for the front chain.

The parts on the pictures are slightly different to the drawings and attached STL's.
Have done some improvements.

Good luck with the mod
Cheers GGY
08a-Link 01.STL
(827.4 KiB) Downloaded 72 times
07-lid 02.STL
(694.81 KiB) Downloaded 69 times
06-lid 01.STL
(960.43 KiB) Downloaded 66 times
05-Under heat bed bracket.STL
(1.89 MiB) Downloaded 70 times
04-end link R-special - X.STL
(1.33 MiB) Downloaded 71 times
03-end link R - Special - X.STL
(905.94 KiB) Downloaded 72 times
02-end link L - Special - X.STL
(3.45 MiB) Downloaded 68 times
01-Cables joint channel - X.STL
(2.24 MiB) Downloaded 68 times
Wire management drag chain drawings.pdf
(734.27 KiB) Downloaded 148 times

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