Autolift Hotend on Kickstarter

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Autolift Hotend on Kickstarter

Post by Legion 2.3 »

Dear community

I discovered a new AUTOLIFT-HOTEND :!: on Kickstarter: ... r-hot-ends

This hotend lifts itself automatically for something like 0,5 mm when you retract the filament.
It uses a spring mechanism and micro-linear-bearings for that.

I think this could make 2 - or more - colour - printing, especially for larger objects, finally possible without the problems we actually have (scraping inactive nozzle, etc.).

Well, it´s quite expensive, but it could be a great update if it works.
I found something compareble here:
But I didn´t find out more about this modell yet (Merlin Hotend).

What do you think, can this work? Do you see any problems at the mechanics?

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Post by seaton »

I'd like to see something like this but incorporating a cutoff in the nozzle to prevent oozing, something like a needle valve internally

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Post by killejano »

The needle valve would stop oozing but the filament would stil melt to allmost liquid on the nozle causing some blobs. I've been researching a way to separate the two extruders and dumpin some filament in to some kind of ooze cup before printing again

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Post by fesch »

Did somebody try one of these?

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Post by neep »

Wow, autoretract hotends. This is exactly what I think the dual extruder system needs on the Felix 3.0! Would love to see anyone have this in action...

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