Y motor become hot

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Y motor become hot

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Hi guys,
I just assembled and today tested my new felix 3.0, just 1 word: AWESOME.

It's running on printing now since 8 hours, after the first 2 prints failed (all my issues), it's running now as well on some long time printing.

I have just 1 question, the Y motor become pretty hot, the belt is not very tight, and the movement is fluid and smooth (also the sound of the motor running is clean, no noise), is normal that i become hot?
I suppose it's around 55-60 degrees, because I can touch it, but is really hot!

Same for the X axis, but that one is not so hot as the Y axis.

See ya!


Legion 2.3
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While 55 °C isn´t too hot for a stepper as far as I´m informed, you can try to reduce the motor current by adjusting the trimmers for the stepper motor drivers on the mainboard. This will also reduce the temperature of the motor but it will decrease it´s torque.
If you reduce it too much, your motor will miss steps.

At first, you could try to reduce the current by a very small amount, maybe it´s already enough to get a cooler motor.

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