new Felix problems

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Re: new Felix problems

Post by gfeliksdal »

That is indeed strange. Hard to tell the exact cause. I think it could be the following:
Picture 1:
Cooling on top of hot-end is not sufficient. Maybe fan defect? Not blowing enough air? Is it a SUNON fan? There has been a batch with a different fan, which gave problem on some hot-ends.
The peek part has a different diameter than the top aluminum part. Tolerances on the wrong side. You can check by mounting the top part onto the peek part and check against the light if there is an edge visible.
Picture 2:
Thermistor is not mounted correctly. (gives different temp than reality)
Nozzle exit is damaged. That's why there is only sufficient flow at higher temperatures.
Extruder wheel not tensioned enough.
Extruder arm broken, then it is impossible to create enough tension.
Are you sure all bolts are still in place on the extruder assembly.

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Post by hvdd »

ordered a new extruder head.. yesterday
arrived today mounted and start printing.
now printing at 192°C at speed 100
after printing a nice owl - nice.

yes 3D printing in a new world from 21/12/12 - it work's :)

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Post by hvdd »

just some pictures of ledlight for printer.
starting with the sockets published on this forum ( thanks)
i made 2 adaptors for alurail (adjustable)

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