Repetier-Host V1.0.0 dual extruder problems

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Repetier-Host V1.0.0 dual extruder problems

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I was very happy this morning to see that Felix finally released a version of Repetier that actually supported two extruders for the printer we have at work. After spending the whole day trying to print, Im really diappointed - did you even try Slic3er and Cura before you released it?

Slic3er: Makes a brim around the object that is supposed to catch the ooze when changing extruder. What happens is that when it catches the ooze, it leaves a bump on the brim that causes it to come off the print bed when the next brim layer is printed. I even tried to widen the brim to 3 passes, but got the same problem.

Cura: This retarded slicer builds TWO layers with each extruder! The result is that the inactive extruder rams the other layer whenever is passes. Is this a joke?

Any tips (or Repetier V1.1.0) is more than welcome..

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