My Felix has a new home

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My Felix has a new home

Post by gertc »

... and he likes it.

Room for up to 30 spools with moisture absorber, led lighting, enclosed cabinet such that noise and particulates stay in, and cold drafts out.
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Post by Dreide »

Wow, very nice! Your printer is for sure a lucky one.
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Post by fl_enoc »

this is a really good house for it, i hope you could share the source.


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Post by 3DPrintClean »

If interested, my company is developing a low cost 3D Printer enclosure that filters odors and particles, please see to learn more.

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Post by fesch »

Looking at mine, I think I should go a get something similar :-/

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Post by 3DPrintClean »

@3DPrintClean is developing two recirculating filtration products for existing enclosures, one that can be placed inside the enclosure and the other that is mounted to the outside of the enclosure, the second requires enclosure cutouts but leaves more room for the printer. ... 3d-printer ... enclosures

If interested, please contact

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Post by Boris »


Someone at this forum told about bad effect of heat for belts.

Don't you afraid belts destruct or melt or tear off by overheat ?
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Post by satoer »

One concerning thing I can think of is the bending of PLA printed printer parts. The latest revision of the Felix has injected moulded parts, but older printers has printed parts. These printed parts can get soft when the temperature gets around 60 degrees.
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