Cool light LED bar upgrade

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Re: Cool light LED bar upgrade

Post by seaton »

satoer wrote:Yes :) I want to see as less cables as possible.
Thanks, I thought it might be the case :)

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Post by Ramon »

Hi Satoer,

Greet job with the light bar, I made them up as well, the only question I got is where did you attached/connect the LED wires in to the main print board? Wich connections on the main board you use to power the LED?


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Post by satoer »

Directly from a 12 lead on the power supply. Yellow = +12V black = Gnd
Please share a picture :)
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Post by Lonos »

Hey satoer,

Thanks for designing such a cool upgrade :)

I just received my LED bar and switch, but need some help wiring it up.
Could you please explain the wiring for dummies, I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to electronics :?
///Edit: Actually the wiring is pretty simple :roll: I just didn't draw it out, which I should have done. Anyway, the resistor is still blown, where do i connect the main fan now?

I think I have already blown the resistor for the main fan when I tried to test if the LED's work... Can I connect the main fan to a different power source?

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Post by Tygrik »

thanks Satoer. Nice and usefull upgrade. This is my printer with LED bar.

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Post by Rajhon »

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