Heater Cartridge Failure, Z-Axis Motor Failure...

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Heater Cartridge Failure, Z-Axis Motor Failure...

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I posted this before in early July and waited patiently for a response, possible that it was in the wrong forum section, IDK: http://forum.felixprinters.com/viewtopi ... =11&t=1006

Anyway, I was forced to source down another supplier for the Heater cartridge considering the one shipped out to me completely failed, but now the Z-Axis Motor has failed as well.
At first it worked perfectly for the first month of operations, I keep the machine in a clean environment and nothing has come in contact with the motor prior to it's failure. The Z-Axis has lost all power torque-wise, it spins but if even the slightest load is applied to it, for instance when the print goes above 5 centimeters it jams and makes a horrible grinding noise without spinning... Just Stuttering back and forth half a degree.

I have looked around and no one stocks the Nema motor in that amperage, I desperately need a new one shipped out to me as the printer has become non functional at this point.

Please get back to me soon, this printer is the cornerstone of my new business and without it I am overdue with work from paying clients.


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