Urgent help needed!

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Urgent help needed!

Post by Raleonh »

I need help!

I'm trying to print cookie cutters (and fondant as well) and here is the result... What am I doing wrong?
How do I have to set up Kisslicer? I'm lost....
Look at the corner in the top, it's cut :(

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Post by Makron »

I think you need to play with the Extrusion Witdh make it smaler so it will fill those top layers.

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Post by Dreide »

Provided that the model resolution is sufficiently high in the first place, the gaps are caused by inaccuracies when KISSlicer samples the model. If you have the PRO license you can try setting the oversampling resolution to 0.05mm or so. I had good results with an extrusion width of 0.35mm (layer height 0.2mm) when the wall was designed to be 0.6mm. The printed wall turned out to be 0.8mm then.
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