I give up

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I give up

Post by maggs »

I bought a Felix 1.0 kit back in March 2012. After assembly it was found the power supply unit was dead. Rather than wait for a replacement I got a refund of the cost and used a spare ATX unit I had on hand. Next problem was that the ramps board had a faulty input for the extruder temp sensor. I bought a replacement locally so I could get it going sooner. Finally everything was working or so I thought.

The X and Y axis Igus linear bearings had so much slop/backlash that the prints were awful. I shimmed them up but couldn't get rid of all the play as it then started missing steps. I settled on a compromise so it would work. I wasn't happy at all with the quality of prints so I just put the whole thing in a cupboard and pretended it didn't exist.

In January 2013 I saw that the linear bearings had been addressed with Hiwin type and everyone seemed really happy so I ordered the Felix 1.5 upgrade plus a V2 hotend. I received the parts and all the printed parts were all bent and twisted like they had been heated up in transit. I spent days with a heat gun trying to get them in a usable condition. I eventually got it to go together and made a test print. The quality was good but the square test object wasn't square. I tracked the issue down to the fact that the X axis linear bearing wasn't at 90 degrees to the Y axis. There is a small amount of play in the screw holes but not enough to get it true. Then I measured the frame angle and it was not square. I disassembled machine again for about the 5th time and found the extrusion was not cut square. I filed it square and reassembled and got it printing square objects that were square.

I fell ill with heart issues so I left the project until a few weeks ago after heart surgery and some recovery time. I starting printing some items I had been wanting to print for ages and the first few came out well. The Z axis needs attention as the layering is not as good as it could be. I'm sure the upgrade to the trapezoidal screw and hiwin Z axis linear bearings would fix that. As soon as I started printing jobs longer than an hour or so I started getting hotend jams. I think it's jamming in the bottom of the cold end as I can't get the filament out no matter what I try. I eventually got the filament out but it keeps jamming so much that it won't complete even a 10 minute job now without jamming. I tried different temps and tensions but it makes no difference.

Just when I thought things can't get any worse, the extruder stepper motor just shudders now. I tried adjusting the driver voltage but it doesn't make any difference. it just shudders quietly or loudly by adjusting. So I guess that's stuffed now and will need replacement.

I have no faith in these hotends and saw someone else converted to an E3D V5. I went to E3D and they won't supply the V5 anymore so it would need to be a V6 and it seems nobody has made a V6 holder yet. My CAD skills are close to zero so I guess that idea is out the window too.

I've got close to $2K AUD invested in this thing and it has mostly produced garbage cans full of aborted filament. Right now I want to put it in the dumpster and start again with a printer that has community support and fixes readily available. I really wanted this thing to work but after 100's of hours of work on it, I have nothing to show. To upgrade it again to the latest spec is going to cost another $500 AUD and I don't know whether that's going to work either. I have read plenty of issues with V3 on here so it's not giving me any confidence.

Very Unhappy Camper.

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Post by kerog »

Can't speak to your earlier model, but my 3.0 seems to be working well right now. I also had problems with extruder jams and such, but three things seem to make a difference:

(1) High-quality filament. After a few stopped prints I measured the filament with calipers and found that it was above .1 mm over the 1.75 mm nominal

(2) Springs instead of crinkled washers in the tensioner. You should be able to get these from Felix. This seems to make the tensioning much more forgiving for me.

(3) No switching materials in hot ends. I am planning on buying some extra hot ends, and when I switch between PLA and ABS I will switch out the entire hot end, not just the filament.

I'm definitely having fun with mine. Not without challenges, but I'm learning a lot.

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Post by osta2 »

We have 3 different printers today in our office (priced each $1000-1500 for a kit) and I can say that no one of them is working flawless for too long and there is almost no period that all three are in perfect working conditions simultaneously. These things should be built more robust than they are now. Different weak points on different printers. So we have to be ready to fight with their weaknesses if we wanna use these things :)

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