hot end, I give up!

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hot end, I give up!

Post by stillcool40 »

I have tried various things, lining with ptfe, increasing the length of peek, fiddling with temps etc, etc.
I still get jams although less than before.

Im changing to someone elses hot end.

any recommendations?

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Post by frankjoke »

We don't know what you print and which jams you get.

Make sure that Filament flow speed (depending on print speed and print height/width) is in the expected range (for me 0.1 and 10 mm^3/s). Some slicers do not look at it as well (I use Kiss 1.4.x).

I got also Jams and I realized that it was cheap filament.
Bought a drill from Felix which I use before some big parts and now there are no problems for a while.

I buy only high end PLA anymore and have no problems. Actually cost is not so much higher because I had too many failures with the low cost one.

p.s.: >60 days of printing on my display.

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Post by satoer »

Yeah, the e3d hot-end in my signature. All metal. Never had a jam anymore and I'm only using cheap fillament. ABS/PLA.
The bracket is for the V5 hotend, but I'm working on a V6 version.

Edit: Now the V6 version is available
My Felix 1.5 printed designs on Thingiverse
E3D V6 Hot end upgrade for your Felix
Tweezer bracket for your Felix
Led bar upgrade for your Felix

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