What does your setup look like?

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What does your setup look like?

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Here's mine:
Model: 3.0, Dual Extruder, LCD Display
Date Bought: June 2014
Parts replaced (not working):
x 1 limit sensor, broke pins during assembly
x 1 hot end heater cartridge, didn't work out of box
x 1 thermistor
x 1 hot end (oozed between tip and peek, probably due to thermistor failure/overheating
x 1 hot end (clogged, probably due to excessive filament switching
x Replaced screws for Z axis limit sensor (originals not long enough)

x Replaced thin nuts with thick nuts in tensioner and extruder
x Replace crinkled washers with springs in tensioners
x Replaced Z axis fine adjust with superior version on forum
x Added "Iron it Anywhere" mat to bottom of bed for insulation, fastened with alligator clips and Kapton tape
x square nuts for fan attachment and in electronics box
x Added glass plate to avoid warping bed, cut by self from picture frame glass

x Guide ring, tweezer holders, filament cleaner
x Razor with http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34481 for removal

x Using Suave Extreme Hold hair spray from supermarket
x For ABS required insulation (see above) to reach necessary temperatures to avoid lifting

x Printed 2x Horizontal spooler, single-stacked. (Didn't like double-stack).
x Had trouble with filament falling off spool when full, made bar to hold it in
x Spool arm from Felix (avoids filament falling off spool, but slides too easily on frame)
x From Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:318527, scaled x.93 and in dry box for PLA: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:318580

Filaments used:
x PLA, ABS (now only on separate extruders, believe switching to be bad)
x Ninjaflex (mixed luck with extrusion, tensioning is difficult. Print at 30 mm/sec, will try again soon with spring tensioners)

Slicers used:
x Like Skeinforge most
x KISSlicer (purchased) for dual-material extrusion
x Haven't used Slic3r much

x mostly OpenSCAD, some Tinkercad

Satisfaction level: Very high. I've had troubles, but they are to be expected with developing technology. I've learned a lot through the assembly and troubleshooting processes, and have had great fun with it. Everyone at work is jealous.


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