Felix 3.0 Steps 42, 46, 70 and 105 missing parts

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Felix 3.0 Steps 42, 46, 70 and 105 missing parts

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In my 3.0 Kit the following parts are missing:

"spring" for step 42 and 70
"M3x30 Bolts" for step 46
"Kapton Sheet" for step 105

The M3x30 is not listed in the inventory sheet of the "Bolts and nuts set FELIX 3.0" so that leads me to believe they are probably packed somewhere else. But after looking through all the bags and boxes I couldn't find them.

There is no protection for the print-bed at all in this kit... no tape, no sheet... nothing.

Any Idea where these could be hiding or what to do to get replacements?

(The Kit was bought from "shop.felixprinters.com" about 3 weeks ago)


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Post by todd »

I'm putting together a relatively new kit was well. My springs and M3x30 screws were in a small bag together, separate from the "Bolts and nuts" plastic box. I believe the M3x6 set screws were in that bag as well. I'm no expert, but these seem to be some of the parts that are necessary to use v2.0 of the Assembly Manual as opposed to v1b ( http://shop.felixprinters.com/downloads ... g_V1_b.pdf ). Version 1b of the assembly manual, for example, uses M4x25 bolts instead of M3x30, and a combination of crinkled washers and large washers instead of the springs.

Perhaps the place you purchased the kit from was stocking a slightly older version of the kit without this supplementary bag. I assume you could use v1b just as well as v2, several people on this forum seem to have used it to assemble their Felix 3.0s.

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Post by michael.ecker »

Thanks... the Kit was bought from shop.felixprinters.com... only about 3 weeks ago... something's fishy...

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Post by jocamel »

Those parts have been missing in my kit, too.
I replaced with similar parts i found in our shop

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Post by agentmulder »

I had parts missing and excess parts in my shipment, incl hardware that wasn't even on the inventory...

Defending Felix, they parts were sent after an email or two ...

But it would seem the cost of sending them would be in excess of the amount of time spent making sure they were there in the first place. But that's just my opinion :roll:

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