Heater Decoupled since updating to latest firmware

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Re: Heater Decoupled since updating to latest firmware

Post by frankjoke »

At first the Repetier host (I don't use it because I use Octoprint wireless) works with all firmware versions.
I am now since long time on 0.92.? but I fastened my inbus screws for the heaters and thermristors. This seemed to be the source of the strange readings.

At the moment no problem anymore, I went back to .91 as well but now I could use .92 as well.

For the sensitivity of the bed you may increase the time for checking the sensitivity of the heaters. I did it but I 4got the numbers. It was mentioned somewhere else in the forum.

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Post by IanH1960 »


Just a small piece of information related to my own experience... I also upgraded to 0.92 but had to return to 0.91 due to the heater decoupling issue.

On watching the extruder temperature trace in Repetier-Host I could indeed see that the temperature variation was at times quite high and appeared to be very "noisy". I also noticed that if I moved the cable bundle from the print head about a bit I could make the noise go away temporarily. Eventually I isolated this to the position where the cables passed through the 1st cable tie mounted on the extruder motor. When I readjusted the cable bundle at the tie the temperature trace became very steady and clean - and has been that way ever since.

I have returned to 0.92 and am printing without problems with the default PID settings etc.

At some stage I will remove the tie and inspect the cables there for damage properly - I'm not sure if one was perhaps damaged slightly by overtightening the tie or was being pressed too tightly against another causing noise. But whatever it was the temperature trace is now steady as is the power output to the extruder...


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Post by Boris »

Now I agree with version of "messed wires".
After 3 months with 0.91 my PEEK isolator melted down :(
As I've learned on that forum it's 0.91 firmware "bug" so, be careful to use this old firmware.

When I back to 0.9.22 I've got "def", dry print and "heater decoupled".
There is no more solutions for me except try to "disassemble" wires at very top of printer, wrap white wires(to thermistors) by foil and assemble it again in black protection rubber shell.

So, there is no more "heater decoupled" !
Felix 3.0 x2 extruders

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