Once rough prints - now stunning!

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Once rough prints - now stunning!

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I'm so excited about the results I'm now getting from my 2.0 (soon to be 3.0) that I had to share what I did. And perhaps people out there will be able to do the same thing I did to achieve the same results. For months I've struggled with the quality of my prints and I was getting frustrated. :( My bed was calibrated and first layers went down perfectly. I cleaned the extruder. I tightened all the screws. I aligned the belts. Pot meters set where they should be. I know my slicer settings are good as I used to get great prints. So WHAT is going on?! :x It wasn't until I looked closer at my y-axis belt and subsequent bearings near the motor. One of the bearings was actually bent in from the tension of the y-axis belt. Well, most of my parts on my printer are warped here and there so I just figured that was the way it was going to be. So I checked the tension of my belts and figured I'd just loosen it a bit. At one time I recall really cranking down the tension thinking it would be better. I was a little curious about what the tension is in fact supposed to be and was unable to find any real answer so I did some experimenting. I backed out each tensioner block until the pressure of the belt was no longer pulling on it, then tightened the screw just a single turn. The belt actually seems a little loose to me, but then again I was used to it being really taught. I moved both the x-axis and y-axis by hand and was amazed how much easier each travel was than before. My first print with this new tension is easily the cleanest print I've ever had. At .12 layer thickness I can barely see the perimeter lines. WOW! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Let this be a lesson...tighter is not always the best! If you too are having similar perimeter problems, do the same. Just back out the tensioner block until you no longer see the belt pulling on it, then one full turn clockwise to tighten. Perfect! Hope this helps some of you!

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