New X-Axis Bearing/Pulley Housing

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New X-Axis Bearing/Pulley Housing

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I designed and printed a new x-axis pulley housing. It now has three bearings allowing the belt three times more room to shift based on the alignment of the motor gear on the other end and position of the belt ends on the extruder truck. There is one small 4mm washer each at the lowest-most and highest-most points between the bearings and the housing. The housing itself is like the old housing where the x-axis track locks it in place at the top while a 4mm x 12mm bolt and 4mm washer holds it at the bottom. I used the old bearing and the two bearings that came as part as my upgrade kit.

There is a noticeable decrease in tension on the belt now that it doesn't ride against the bearing housing making the motor work less. My exterior perimeters are super clean now.

Here's a picture and the stl file:
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