Extruder temperature sensor wrong

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Extruder temperature sensor wrong

Post by Blackdam »

Hi Guys,
after a 10h print (total on my printer is 6 days 16hrs of print and 1155mt of filament used) my printer began to have some problems on the extruder, mean the extruder motor wasn't able to put the filament inside the extruder as normally, was like no enough power.
After some diagnostic, I discovered it is a problem of too low temperature in the nozzle, to reach the 195° I have to tell the printer to go up to 250, there it work, but after some hours of printing I had a nozzle clock, so it stopped working again.

Now, my question is, there is a way to calibrate the extruder temperature sensor?

Best Regards


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Post by satoer »

If the extruder is cold, is it room temperature? And approximately the same as the cold bed? If not, it might be a thermistor failure.
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