Wha these 'waves'?

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Wha these 'waves'?

Post by frankjoke »

I printed big sorting boxes (22x20cm) and therefore had (to have) enough time to watch the printer on the first layers.
Testing different things like temperatures, flow rates or layer heights did not change the waves, they had only other effects!

What I realized is that on prints which were going only on x-axis they were not visible.
As soon I had diagonal lines or lines along th yaxis they came out, a bit depending on print speed, high speed=more waves.

I put my print speed to 150% on first layer to test it and then I have seen it:
The bed start vibrate in certain areas when it moves on y direction!

Very strange, because I checked then the rail, greased it checked if anything else is not tight or vibrates as well and I found nothing!

Maybe Felix know what could cause these vibrations? I remind that the first 100 prints had less of them because the bases were nicer. After some 30 days of print time they seem to get more.

DWhat is your experience?

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Post by kerog »

Did you check your y axis set screw for tightness?

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