LCD / SD Controller Advanced Use of functions?

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LCD / SD Controller Advanced Use of functions?

Post by stratogavster »

Hello All,

Wondered if anybody has a Reprapdiscount LCD/SD Controller? (or any controller of similar flavour for that matter)

I've added one to my machine but there are a few parts of the functionality which i'm not too familiar with and wondered if there is any help out there.

Areas i'm currently interested in are....

1.) TUNE -> FLOW?
3.) CONTROL -> MIN 210?
4.) CONTROL -> MAX 250?
5.) CONTROL -> FACT 0.1?

6.) PID-P: 0022
7.) PID-I: +0001.0
8.) PID-P: 0114
9.) PID-P: 001

I understand the PID values represent the temperature characteristics of the hot-end, but wondered if the values already set in the firmware (if any) are correct and are these the same viewed or even used via the LCD. I've read that EEPROM based settings (driven by controller) override firmware. Do I need to calibrate the PID values then store them in the LCD controller?

10.) MOTION -> Lots here..
11.) MEMORY -> Does this relate to LCD tuned parameters, thus saved to the Arduino?

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Post by Kjetilei »

Hi stratogavster,

I don't believe there is much need for doing a lot of adjustments in the Contol menu. You risk messing up the values resulting in poorer prints (but you could also improve the settings :))

Take a look at these videos: ... ure=g-hist

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