Strange infill?...partial solid mixed in amongst layers

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Strange infill?...partial solid mixed in amongst layers

Post by stratogavster »

Hi All,

Just printing a long print and spotted a strange part of the infill which appears to be solid (or 'skin') and is not what I expect to see in this place. Has happened on my last 2 prints also, just firing the question out incase it's a pointer to some other config issue i've overlooked?

In the image i've marked the area where the layer started, and you can see the print heading towards the camera after jumping to the further away corner.....the closest corner never received the same treatment and remained the sparse infill.

On other prints this has been similar, though one one print it was the inverse (larger infill, than 'skin')

It seems to be repeating though perpendicular to each previous layer....

Is this normal? Any advice?

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Post by satoer »

There are probably shallow slopes on the edges.
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