Z shift? any proven solution??

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Re: Z shift? any proven solution??

Post by gfeliksdal »

Satoer, I have considered it, but they are too expensive unfortunately. Maybe I can someday make a Felix extreme precision version...

Stratogavster, thanks for the link. I've ordered some samples from them.

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Post by Trnquill »

Because the nut holder of Z-carriage is not tight fit it should not matter if the Z-screw is slightly bent. That is IF the linear bearing/slider of Z-axis has NO play in it. By removing all the play from Z-axis the screw can no longer wiggle the build platform back and forth. At least in theory... :) As said, I got rid of Z-wobble by changing the Z-screw, upgrading to bendy aluminum coupler (from eBay, similar to this: http://www.finelineautomation.com/syste ... upler1.jpg) and removing most (if not all) play from Z-axis slider carriage.

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