Anybody using Slic3r?

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Anybody using Slic3r?

Post by stratogavster »

Hi All,

Is anybody out their using Slic3r?

If so how have they found it? can they shed any light on any configs to get good results from a Felix printer?


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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi, I've used it occasionally, but it couldn't slice some models I have. See the attachment for the profiles I've used. There by no means optimal.
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Post by satoer »

I've started with Slic3r, but found out that skeinforge did a better job slicing... But the interface is really terrible.
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Post by Capella_Ben »

I'm moving towards slic3r. It's better at some things but not others. I reckon it does overhangs better. It does the second perimeter from the outside first then the outside. This give the outside two surfaces to attach to.

Oh and slic3r actually has an interface! SFACT is just a jumble of randomness. I had to translate all the settings to a big spreadsheet to understand it all; stupid.

The only thing I want Slic3r to do is to allow external support only (not full support).

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Post by Sündi »

Since I calibrated my extruder, my results getting much better since then I mostly use slic3r because slicing and printing is faster.

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