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Re: Printed Parts

Post by gfeliksdal »

I must say the lego structures are amazing :). I just read your website about the thesis board and IMHO a very nice concept. It is also usable for other projects. Also a very nice writeup of the Felixprinter!

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Post by Kentxu »

Good to see what's being made on a Felix!
perhaps this should be a sticky topic?

Here's what I made today with my Felix 2.0:
Sun Umbrella Base (105mm wide, 100 high, volume 262cc, "4_1 Production exterior support" profile, 13hours 24minutes):
Umbrella Base Printing.jpg
Umbrella Base.jpg
Sun Umbrella.jpg
Personalised end bungs for 25mm sq Alu tube (25mm sq, 7.5mm high, "2_1 Normal no support" profile, 30 minutes for pair):
Bungs 2.jpg
Happy printing! Ken :mrgreen:

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