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Re: FELIX printable spare parts

Post by CarterD »

Just fyi I found the g-code for the newer design linked below in case anyone else is looking for it. I sent an email into support to see if we could get all the printable part files uploaded to the download section so they would be easier to find. We'll see what happens with that.

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File Link: http://www.felixprinters.com/forum/down ... php?id=558

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Post by maker »

Dear gfeliksdal,

my z-switch (z-axis-limitswitch) part broke. Can you please provide me the g-code, to print a new one? :(


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Post by vishesh »


Could any one provide me the .stl file for the power supply case. My power supply case got broken during the shipment. I am having Felix 2.0

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Post by pozzy »


Did you manage to get the electronics case? I could do with a copy of the files if you have them?

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Post by felix »


is it possible to get the belt clamp for the x and y axis tensioning as a separate spare part? I believe that would be a part of the extruder base assembly, but I don't want to print the whole thing when I need only that one part. Mine started developing cracks, already for the third time, but I had some spares from previous upgrades sitting around, so it wasn't a big deal. Would be nice if you could post the stl for that small part, so people can print it with the infill they choose, or post gcode with close to 100%infill.

speaking of upgrades: My printer is currently at 1.5 with a 2.0 extruder. Does the 1.5 to 2.0 upgrade kit include the printed parts for the intruder? If so, would you consider selling a cheaper version of the upgrade without them? That would be nice in general btw, give people the option to buy just the metal parts and print all the plastic parts themselves.


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Post by gertsalentijn »

Hi Gfelixsdal,

My extruder arm broke and I downloaded the file in the first post, yet when I try to unzip, I'm told that the files are corrupt. Could you please re-post the file?


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Post by Eriond »

@ vishesh, pozzy,

I'm too interested in a CAD file for the electronics case. Specially the top lid, because I wan't to make a version that can hold a RaspberrPi + Adafruit LCD Plate

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Post by twicx »

Was there ever a print file for the bigger piece of the gantry/carrier? I know there's a part called part 2, the top part, but the big bottom piece, any file for that?

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Post by Mayhem »

I got gcode from felix, mine started to crack. Printed new one yesterday.
I emailed felix and they send me the gcode
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Post by bruno-16OOO »


can you post here the g code please

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