V1.5 to V3 Problems and Concerns

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V1.5 to V3 Problems and Concerns

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HI Everyone,

I've had my Felix V1.5 printer for almost 2 years and its been reasonable, done the prints I've wanted albeit not in the best quality. The main problem I had was in the Z-axis wobble; the whole arrangement was woefully inadequate.

I finally decided to give it a new lease of life and upgrade to V3.

It cost 384 Euros (plus VAT and postage) and arrived within 2 days - not bad :) I also purchased the new hot plate, which looked much better than the V1.5 version, and by the way, should really be part of the V3 upgrade. What is the point of upgrading to V3 without one of the main upgraded parts :shock: This also cost me an extra 28 Euros.

So I started dismantling my 3D printer and then discovered that I needed the new power supply because the new electronics board and associated case would not fit with the old power supply. The new power supply was said to be option in the upgrade, but I can't see how you would actually upgrade without it, unless you stayed with the old Ardunio board which would work, but pretty pointless and then make the upgrade with new electronics very costly indeed. So I had to order the V3 power supply separately at 70 Euros, plus additional postage and a delay of 3 days (although it was over the weekend and apparently UPS will not ship on a Saturday :shock: ), another 90 Euros in total.

Anyway, I started rebuilding the printer and my first major problem was the main hot plate holder part. The inset for the bearing plate was not the correct shape, in fact it looked as if the part had not formed correctly, see photo below. After an hour or so in the garage and files, chisels, sanders, Dremel etc. I finally got it to fit. Very poor manufacturing.
The other thing I noted was that there were a couple of parts missing from the optional head plate, the springs and the special headless bolts. It wasn't a problem as they were in the complete set of V3 nuts and bolts box that is supplied, even though 90% of them are not needed. But, remember the hot plate is an option extra which can be purchased separately.

I eventually built the printer back up and am now waiting for the power supply before connecting the electronics and testing it.

What I'm very disappointed in is that the only thing that you really get from the V1.5 to V3.0 upgrade kit is a new z-axis bearing and hot plate holder. Plus the electronics if you buy the new power supply. So for 384 Euros plus VAT and postage, plus an extra 70 Euros plus VAT and postage for the power supply you don't get very much. These are all the parts left over, which I didn't replace because the ones already on the printer were good enough and didn't really have any impact on printer performance.
So in conclusion, the only thing really needed is the z-axis bearing and new hot plate, plus as an optional extra the new electronics board and therefore the new power supply.


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