Hot-end isolation peek gets melted

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Hot-end isolation peek gets melted

Post by mmurin »


when I tried to print with higher temperature as 220, then my hot-end isolation peek gets melted.
So is impossible to print from materials like XT, etc.

I consult it also with guys in 3d shop in Vienna and they have same experience as me.

Do you already know about this issue?
Do you plan any upgrades to hot-end with different isolation material?

How can I make an reclamation of damaged isolation peek?

Thank you for your answers.

With kind regards,


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Post by Jaanus »

Just change that PEEK part for new one and it works well again but, how many workhours Your machine run before PEEK melted up? I had same experience about month ago and I figured out that the period is bit shorter than PEEK's manufacturer says, something like that: "Constant Temperature min . 20,000 hours. After this period the decrease in tensile strength compared to the original value up to 50 %".
So I had to make new one and countinued my project and I made bit new designed extruder at all, see: ... nter-2-0-1
Also, I made some more PEEK's to stock too :)
So have fun, it's quite normal when You print in higher temps ;)

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