New printed parts for FELIX 3.0 display unit.

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New printed parts for FELIX 3.0 display unit.

Post by gfeliksdal »

After some annoyances with loosening display units when moving the printer, we've designed new printed parts for it.
0. Download and print the files here. ... it%2FF3_0/

1. Mount display electronics on two side parts.
2. Insert rotary switch
3. Mount onto frame
4. Push on cover
5. Fix the display with screws underneath
6. Push on Knob.
7. You're done.

Hope you like this small update.

Don't hesitate to shoot and give any feedback.

Kind regards,


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Post by jjlink »

Very nice upgrade; an elegant design. It came out nice looking with a translucent filament (it has a nice glow now). This is so much better than the original part which was prone to breakage.

Thank you!

Felix 3.0 with E3D Dual direct drive extruder conversion. (
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Post by fesch »

I've printed a blue version which looks quite cool as the display is blue as well.
Besides, I love these designs that do not need any supports to be printed :)


Thanks for the update!

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Post by PacNWFelixFan »

Very tight fitting cover - took a bit of patience and wiggling to snap on cover over circuit board. All else printed well and came together precisely as planned. With the screws in place underneath the unit is very securely attached. Very nice. Keep up the good work FELIX!

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Post by hvdweerd »

Nice cover!
Even for the Felix 2.0.

Take ik upside down and slightly to the left.
You have only to remove the 'underside'.

See pictures...

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Post by NikolaiD »

That looks very nice. My original one keeps falling off too.

Random questions about the LCD:
I'd like to relocate the LCD to the top of the printer. The original location makes it useless for me because of where my printer is placed.
If I extend the wires, will the LCD still work, or will the voltage drop be too much?
Has anyone tried it?

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Post by fesch »

I had such a display connected to a firewall with a cable that was about 1,5m long and it was running without problem, so I think this should work for the Felix as well ...

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Post by andrewsi »

For some reason the JPGs in the original post for the assembly process no longer are available? :-/
Andy Silverman, Technogeek in Seattle
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