Missing printable parts for 2.0

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Missing printable parts for 2.0

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I'm thinking of building myself a felix 2.0 printer and I wanted to print printable parts on my old 3d printer.

But under http://shop.felixprinters.com/downloads ... int_files/
there are some stl files of parts missing (according to list in Assembly Instruction manual):
1) x-stage-motor-bracket_v6_F2_0 (only g-code available)
2) z_axis_carrier_pt1_v15_F2_0 (nothing)
3) z-axis-motor-bracket_v10_F2 (nothing)
4) Electonics_case_F_2_0_v3_base (nothing)
5) Electonics_case_F_2_0_v4_cap (only g-code available)

I tried to look for them on the internet (and on this forum), but I didn't found them all.
If anyone have working links for those parts (preferably stl files) I would be grateful.

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