Repetier host freezes up comp

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Repetier host freezes up comp

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I just assembled my own DIY kit and it works OK, just have to get around he settings to get the prints just right,I have printed few files with not so much problems but i had a couple of computer freezes by repetierhost.I know this cause i press shutdown button on the case and it tells me that it has to force shut down because of this programme and even though i press force shutdown i does not finish it.
Problem is i use 2 comps on 1 monitor and keybord-mouse (via switch) and as sometimes (usually in timeout) it freezes i cannot switch to the comp with repetier to try to shut it via task manager as it does not allow driver initialization for keyboard and mouse so i have to pull the plug on comp and reboot it.
It happens no matter if the printer is connected or not.
Any experiences?!

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